Why 4IR is the Most Perfect for Your Transformation!

If you are not conducting your business operations on a different planet altogether, we take it that you understand how digital transformation has the potential to completely alter the way of business in its entirety.

The 4IR, or the Fourth Industrial Revolution is a huge threshold to achieve this transformation in ways that are feasible without any kind of undue repercussions in the future ahead.

Hmm…4IR. What is it though? And how does it lead the way to glory- the digital way, in the future?

Let’s find out!

What is the 4IR?

As to what is the 4IR, it refers to the fourth iteration of ‘revolutions’ that have always given a significant heave or thrust to aid the world of manufacturing. We are talking about the one we are under as of now, where products and services have been revamped by seamless connectivity and every location, whether at our homes or even at workplaces.

It works by blending a combination of different technologies, namely robotics, Artificial Intelligence, quantum computing, neural language processing, the Internet of Things, and more.

The most striking feature of this generation is how potent its presence is. Compared to a few years ago, the 4IR advancements have become more affordable and functionable, which by every means, is a highly positive sign that there are brighter things coming.

This is why, thinking of 4IR as a lifestyle is much more prudent than an industrial revolution, as its impact on the overall quality of life has been huge in every sense, and the pace of this impact has been exhilaratingly quick.

4th Industrial Revolution and the Workplace

While there’s no denying as to how disruptive the nature of the 4th Industrial Revolution is, a huge reflection of it will become visible in the workplace in a short span of time.

Technologies like Artificial Intelligence and robotics will close all the gaps for manual labor, ushering an era of complete or significant automation in the workplace. This will lead to a lot of lost job opportunities, but will also open up doors to new ones.

As far as automation is concerned, the complete industrial infrastructure will become witness to change, where computer systems will be loaded with machine learning algorithms to control entirely automated set-ups governed by robots in plants and manufacturing units.

Even with all this ‘automation buzz’, there’s never been a better time to ensure continued learning within the workplace, with upskilling and grooming having the most focus to take things ahead.

Future-Proofing the Workforce

While complete dependency on manual workforce will lead to a huge reduction, completely doing the same with machines is also not advisable, as the slightest of technical issues can create huge bottlenecks as entire supply and manufacturing chains are at risk of getting blocked.

All of this makes one thing certain- for businesses to thrive with the fourth industrial revolution, it’s crucial that they establish the right kind of balance in their workplace so that keeping up with changing technology becomes seamless, and not a huge task that cuts down hours of productivity while the adapton to it happens.

A Better 4IR World with KBMax

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